Sunday, July 21, 2013

Here comes the Rocketeer!


It's done! I've finally finished my Rocketeer illustration! I've made two cover variant; one color and one "black and white".


Hey guys! Almost done! Just a few more tweeks and our Rocketeer image will be done! I've flushed out the figures a little more and added third search light. Some changes to Bettie's necklace and I've flushed out her dress. For the Rocketeer I've rendered his helmet more, his jet pack, and arms (oops, need to change his right hands glove a bit).

Think  one more day will do it!


Well, it's been awhile since my last blog, but I've finally manage to upload my newest work; the Rocketeer! Always wanted to do my rendition of this classic and so far I'm pretty happy how it is coming along. It's not done yet; I need to work on the figures just a little more and I'm done!

Below are my thumbnail and "tight sketch:

With my tight sketches, I'm roughly about 85-90% of what I want my illustration should look like. When I start rendering it in illustrator, I intuitively make changes based on composition, color, and feel of the image.

Need a little more work on the figures and I'll says this piece is done!