Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia


Flushed out the wing demon and axe knight. A few more adjustments and this piece is done!

Started to render the foreground characters. Going to be interesting in terms of color choice, focus should be on Shanoa (female character) and balancing the color value of the foreground (light objects tendency to come forward, while dark objects recede toward the back). There should be details on the monsters to define features, but not so much as to take the viewer's eye from the main character (Shanoa).


It's 1:12 AM and a blizzard is rolling in my neighborhood; Arragh! Developed the main character about 80%. Most artist typically block in the composition, but I prefer to develop the main character as a "base" that sets the tone, color, and feel of the piece.


Two and a half days without electricity is no fun. Finally do some work on the Castlevania project; a little bit on the background and some minor additions to the main character.


In the process of blocking in image in Adobe Illustrator. I usually try to develop the main charcter as much as I can before are start blocking all my other elements in the composition because I believe my focal point (which is the main character) sets the tone how I should handle the render of the surrounding background and supporting characters.


A little different from what I'm use to doing, but it was an interesting experiment drawing primary with Photoshop. I decided to do a simple color study to establish the feel for the piece. Nice contrast between warm and cool colors.


Here's a ongoing rough sketch. I've decided to do something a bit different. Usually I do my "refined" sketch using pencil and paper, but this time I wanted to see how far I could go drawing on Photoshop.

Just used a simple soft brush at 50% opacity with the opacity button checked on the right. I like to just block in my image without going into too great of detail as when I do the vector rendering, things have a tendancy to change. Planning to put monsters and bats to active the empty space. Might even open up to have more of the outdoor elements become more predominate.


Finally started on a new project; Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.

Had to do a lot research on this project; I'm amaze how large this franchise has gotten.