Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rock and Roll!

Woah! It's been a long time since I posted anything for this project! Sorry for the long wait.
Here's the final illustration to a tribute to Roll!


Yes! September is here! Which means cooler weather! Hooah!

As you can guess, I do not like the heat (lol). So here's an update on the #Roll project. Master bots liking better. Just need to work on #bubbleman next.


Worked on adding some #masterrobots into the piece. Always thought #Gutsman having the most unique design among the bosses. It may be a surprise to some of you, but I've only played Mega Man 2 out of all the series. Good times.


Well #Roll is pretty much done! I must say, I am please how she's looking. There may be a few more tweaks during the completion of the picture, but now it's time to focus on Roll's makeshift "chair."


Hi guys! Got back from my part-time job and I'm exhausted. Was able to do some work tonight on Roll. She's coming along I must say, but still got awhile before I'm satisfied with her rendering.


New project I'm working. #Capcom #MegaMan's (or #RockMan depending what country) sister #Roll is the subject of my next illustration.

She's definitely going to cleanup town!