Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kiki's Delivery Service Christmas Card

Working on a Christmas promo from my Kiki's Delivery Service pieces. Here are two thumbnails that I'm thinking to do.

First piece I wanted to focus on background development; however I feel the 2nd piece is a stronger image.

Short time frame as I'm trying to get this piece finished before Christmas to publishers. Plus trying to complete my Iron Man T-shirt design, which I'm waiting on Steve to finish the ink drawing.

Let's go all out!


Well, the best laid plans of mice and men. This took way to long to get done for an outline drawing, but here it is.

I work mostly on instincts; don't really plan everything in advance like a color study and detailed outline; just enough to get me going the right direction.


Happy New Year everyone! Here's my work in progress for my Christmas card.

Not sure what I'm going to do for the background; orignially wanted to do clouds, but I thought that having a landscape would be color. Plus, I need to practice creating enviroments.


Update on my Christmas Card. Been soooooo busy!

Planning to create a city scape to go with the background.


Sorry for the long delay. Here's the latest on my Christmas card. I've been interning at a children's animation studio in NYC called Little Airplane Productions. Weekends are the only time I have for catchup as I work 5 times a week. Still not there yet with the finish product, but it's close to completion.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Threadlees T-shirt Iron Man


Working on a new Threadless T-shirt design challenge; Iron Man! Here's a few of my thumbnails ideas, but I'm really liking the last image.

Everyone in this competition will probably do a contemporary/movie version of Iron Man. I remember seeing a image of Noir Spider-Man and I figured well I wonder if they did a Noir Iron Man. Sure enough they did! Really excited to see how the tight sketch will look like.


Well, got the rough sketch done. Sent it to my buddy Steve Burpee who'll ink it and send it back to me to render. Check out more of his work at

 I'll be drawing the planes separately and add them later. Gonna be sweet!


Just got back Steve's inking. Need him to to that because he's better at determining contrast on a figure than me; plus he's done more comic art than I.


Sorry for the delay; been busy with school work. Well it's getting there; working with dark contrasts and silouettes for the image. Kinda remind of Batman the Animated Series when they simplified their characters and used reds and blacks as primary colors. Work a bit more on the details then will add textures and we'll see how it goes.


Almost there. Added some textures as a prelimary. Looking good, but need to see if image looks better with smoke trails instead of flame.

A friend recommend I show Iron Man in a dog fight so I added a burning wreck at the bottom right corner of the image. I also added smoke to his jet pack.