Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Engine of our Destruction!


Hi guys. This was a project I completed last year without posting. Love the insanity of #Invaderzim so what if this show was shown in the 50s?

Exercise of the day (Herman Munster)


I grew up watching the #themunsters as a kid. When I was young, I was afraid of the classic monsters (vampires, werewolves, etc). But The Munsters helped me realize the monsters can be cool and friendly. Thanks Herman!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Exercise of the day (Curly Howard and SGT Lincoln Osiris)


Hey guys. Here are my exercise for the 2-days.

Did one for Curly Howard today, but didn't do the 5min drill. Been a long day and too tired. Too tired to draw you say? "Why Soitenly!"

The bottom drawing was done yesterday of Robert Downey in Tropic Thunder. "I'm the dude playin the dude disguised as another dude..."

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Starting new exercise


Hi guys! So starting today I'm trying something new. Everyday I want to post a drawing exercise. I'm hoping it will help my drawing skills and as well as my observation skills. We'll see what happens. Lately, I've been listen to a lot of Captain America First Avenger OST so I figured I'd use Cap as my first exercise.

The way it works is that I give myself 20mins, then draw the image again at 10mins, and final at 5mins. The purpose to to capture the essentials of the image and not waste and line strokes.

Thanks for you support guys!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Time to move forward


Hi guys. It's been awhile. Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile, but I have been going a lot for the past months. I've been demoralized for a period of time, but I've come to terms with it and going to move forward.

I've been doing some drawing exploration for "The Philosopher's Engine". I think I want to redesign Tetra for this project.

What do you guys think?

Thanks again for your support!