Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Christmas Card That Never Was


A year ago I started a Christmas Card for Kiki's Delivery Service. Finally, it's done! You can see it's early development from a posting in Dec 2012. Here's the link to it:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Legend that never was; Zelda and the Age of Steam


Finally done! Whoo-hoo! Special thanks to my friend Sam "The Man" Kirk with writing up the title and narrative for the illustration. If you want to read the narrative, visit my website at:


Got most of Midna and Zelda done. Next the airship and maybe some Octorocks and some final refinements.


Changed the background color to blue and rendered both Navi and Ganon. Next will be Midna and Zelda.


Work in progress. Blocking in main shapes.


Hi guys. Been super busy with side projects and life in general. Finally started my newest project; The Legend of Zelda in the Steampunk universe. Been meaning to do the LOZ for some time now. You'll see below a thumbnail of the composition I'll be going for. Plan to add more things, like an airship and perhaps other characters.

Let the fun begin!