Monday, June 24, 2013

Go Science Ninja Team Gatchaman!


Done with the final version. I've change Jinpei's design and and some final textures and some line variation. 

Took longer to make these changes, but now it's done!


Added a few more characters and background addition. Add some textures, but still need to tweek the image just little more. One more day should do it!


 This is a work in progress. Anybody remembers Battle of the Planets? How bout G-Force? Or (apparently) Eagle Riders? These are niffty titles, but doesn't quite stand out as the original name for this series; Gatchaman!

Got most of the figures placed on the image below; just need to add the fifth member of the team and this piece will be very near to completion.

Like any good image, it starts with a thumbnail. Your final pieces, IMO, never quite get the same energy you get from your thumbnail.

Below is a "tight" sketch of the image. I try to get as close to what I want the final image to look like, but of course changes occur during the rendering process.

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