Sunday, December 7, 2014

Zelda - The Philospher's Engine Storyboard


Merry Christmas everyone! Finally done with the storyboards. Unfortunately I can't show you the ending, but I hope you look forward to the comic when it comes out. See you guys in the New Year!


Sorry guys, been busy with some personal stuff. Here's the next installment of the storyboard.


Here's the next storyboard installment. I find the hardest part of doing these storyboards trying to keep a flow of narrative while trying to show the bare minim to get the message across of what the story is about or how it is progress


Hi guys, sorry it's been awhile. I've been side tracked doing some client work and other stuff. Finally been able to dedicate an entire week to doing some story board.

I normally don't draw using Photoshop, but I decided to try to get some more practice in.

Keep in mind this is ongoing and by no means this is the final composition.


  1. Love the idea and style. I found your art while looking for inspiration for indie game ideas for me to develop on. I would love to read the comic that comes from this.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately the project is on hold. Life and work (or a lack of one) is preventing me to dedicating my time to get this fan project done. Who knows, maybe one day it will. Cheers!