Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Photoshop study


Finally finished! Took 43hrs. Not good, but it's a good baseline.

Now to work on the next project!


Work is progressing slowly, but nonetheless progress is being made.

Now to work on the next project!


Happy Birthday to me! Just realized today's my birthday. One day closer to expiring (lol)!

Anyhow, sorry guys for not posting anything for awhile; had some personal things to take care for the past weeks. But I'm on the drawing board again. Here's what I've been working on lately. It's #Winston from #Overwatch.

Still in the rendering phase. I wanted to challenge myself so decided on an animal character since I rarely draw animals. Not so bad as long as you have reference, but the other aspect of this study is to determine how long it takes me to render in Photoshop. I've been logging a time sheet every time I'm painting and right now I'm slower than a snail. However, this is a study after all, and there's plenty of more coming down the pipe and the more you do something, the faster you'll get at it (at least I hope so...)

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