Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back to Super Smash Bro project


Hmm... not sure if Luigi is helping with the composition. Think I might drop him and put in another background element.


All right! The main characters are pretty much done. Just need to do the background and Luigi!


Snake is coming along. Need to touch up his hair and draw out his hands. On that note, you will not see the gun he will be holding in the image, but I often draw a character through as much as possible as you never know what composition adjustments you have to make.


Blocked in the rest of the team. Now shifting my focus on finishing Snake's rendering.

We're getting there. Put down the base colors for Link. Later today I'll try to add Mega Man and Donkey Kong and later finish Snake.


Well, another two characters mostly done. Mario and Daisy are out of the way. Leaving Snake for the time being.


Working on Snake. Still working on his face then the rest of his body.


Well, I'd say Samus is done now. I'm planning to go back to flush out her hair, but next is to move to the next character; Snake. These two are the hardest to render, so naturally a lot of my time, effort, and energy has to go into these two.


Worked on developing Samus's suit, but a lot of it will be covered by her arm cannon. So why go into detail? I try to draw as much of the body of any character as much as possible, because you never now what adjustments you have to make for the final illustration.


Final broke ground! Need to render eight figures before Baltimore Comic Con!


Added some more back ground and defined link an Donkey Kong a bit more. Still debating if I want Luigi in the background. Trying not to give him Loki stuff to imply he's Loki. Might drop him all together.


Wow! I finally got to work a little on this project. I've been sooooooooooooooo busy with other projects, I'm hoping to get this done in time for Baltimore.

Half of the figures are done, just need to do other half.

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