Thursday, July 10, 2014

Got Ether?


It's done! When life gets your MP down, grab a bottle of Ether (aka Potion in Japan) and liven things up!

See you guys at Bottleneck Gallery "8-bit and Beyond" video game show on Aug. 8!


Figure pretty much done. Now some tweeking needs to be done with special affects, text, and maybe background.


Trying a few things. Almost there. I had to elongate her shorts and shorten her hair to capture some of the AC Tifa character design.

Need to touch up on the bottle, maybe add a background and I say she's done.


Getting there. Flushed out the hair, skirt, arms... ah hell, the entire thing. Another day is all I need.


Flushing out the figure.


Well, Tifa is shaping up. Blocked most the figure that I needed, tomorrow I'll further render Tifa and start thinking about the background.

I wouldn't promote this approach of design, as an illustrator you should have much of your thoughts and plan worked out in your thumbnail. I just needed to get started on this because quite frankly I wasn't sure how to work out this design.

I plan to give here an aura like how characters have their MPs replenish as well as a blue milk mustache. 

Anyways, here's the work in progress.


Sorry guys for the long delay. My part-time job has been taking a lot of my time, but final got around starting a new project for Bottleneck Gallery. August 8th will be their new show with video games as the theme.

I've decided to do Final Fantasy VII  with a parody of "Got Milk?" poster.

Got the thumbnail done and ready to start rendering.

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